The Gentle Pum Pum Blend
The Gentle Pum Pum Blend
The Gentle Pum Pum Blend

The Gentle Pum Pum Blend

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The Gentle Pum Pum Blend is designed to gently clean the womb, lengthen short cycles, and prevent spotting. This delicate blend is infused with Citrus Peel, Dandelion, and Mugwort along with other gentle healing herbs.

This blend is for:

- Users with short cycles. (27 days or shorter)

- Users who experience fresh spotting or bleeding between their periods.

- Postpartum users who are experiencing heavy flows

- Postpartum users who periods returned before 9 months postpartum.

Are you experiencing heavy postpartum periods with clots?

Do you experience spotting after sex?

Are your cycles 27 days or shorter?

Have you ever experienced two periods in one month?

Is your period blood dark brown, dark red, or black?

Do you spot between cycles?

Are you 14 years old or younger?

Do you experience menstrual cramps?

Is your pum pum a little funky sometimes?

If you said yes to any of the questions above then this blend is for You!