The Pum Pum Cleanser
The Pum Pum Cleanser
The Pum Pum Cleanser

The Pum Pum Cleanser

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The Pum Pum Cleanser is a powerful herbal blend that promotes circulation, eliminates bad odors, clears out old residue, tones the yoni, all while nourishing the womb and reproductive organs. Infused with Rose Petals, Lavender, Mugwort, and other powerful cleansing herbs.

This blend is for:

- Users with regular or long cycles. (28 days or longer)

- Users with missing periods.

- Users who are using the pill to regulate their cycle.

- Postpartum users (1-2 weeks after birth) *6 weeks postpartum if you had a c-section*

Is your period missing?

Do you experience bad cramps?

Is your flow dark brown, dark red, or black?

Are you on the pill?

Do you have heavy flows with clots?

Is your pum pum a little funky sometimes?

If you shook your head and said yes to any of these then this is the herbal blend for you!


This blend is not meant for users with short cycles (27 days or shorter), or women who spot/bleed in between periods.