The Purified Pum Pum Blend
The Purified Pum Pum Blend
The Purified Pum Pum Blend

The Purified Pum Pum Blend

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The Purified Pum Pum blend is here to balance out your natural flora while killing the bacteria and yeast that may be trapped in your uterus. This blend will expel excess mucus, yeast, and bacteria while deodorizing the pum pum and reducing inflammation. This blend includes White Sage, Lavender, Cornsilk and other powerful disinfecting herbs.

This blend is for:

User with irregular discharge. (white, thick, yellow, or green)

Users with recurring yeast infections.

Users with BV.

Users experiencing discharge from an STD.

Users experiencing discharge from a virus.

Users with cervical dysplasia.

Do you have irregular vaginal discharge?

Are you experiencing and itch down there that you can't scratch?

Do you keep taking pills or ointments to relieve yeast infections that keep coming back?

Are you experiencing a foul odor down there?

Is your pum pum irritated and inflamed?

If you shook you head yes to any of these questions, this is the blend for You.