Yoni Soap Bar
Yoni Soap Bar

Yoni Soap Bar

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This soap bar is meant to keep your yoni in check! Infused with butters and oils to soothe your skin, fresh herbs like rose petals and calendula flowers, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils such as tea tree oil to fight odors, bacteria and yeast!


- Helps get rid of yeast infections

- Rids itchiness

- Helps balance ph

- Rids unwanted odors

- Alleviates yoni acne

- Soothe any irritation


Ingredients: Mango Butter, Kokum Butter, Coconut Oil, Yoni Oil, Other Organic Oils, Lavender, Lemon, and Other Essential Oils, Rose Petals and Calendula Flowers.


*For external use only. Please spot test to ensure you have no allergies.*

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